The issue of lost pensions continues to gain a lot of column inches in both the national and industry press.

The Mail on Sunday investigates the ongoing issue of unclaimed pensions, incorporating PensionsLink's survey findings, in this August 2016 article:
Thousands of savers are missing fortunes from unclaimed nest eggs

A PensionsAge article from 26th August 2016 highlights that consumers feel pensions providers are not doing enough to help them find lost pensions:
Pension providers not doing enough to trace lost pensions

The Times takes a look at the proposed pensions dashboard and existing services to help consumers now in an interesting article from September 2016:
Take a trip into your future on the pensions dashboard

Another look at the PensionsLink survey results and what they say about the the industry's struggle with lost pensions from Professional Pensions in August 2016:

Providers must do more to trace lost pensions

Ewan Porter, Business Development, with an article in the September 2015 edition of PMI News extolling the benefits to the pensions industry of finding missing members:
Finding lost treasures

In a PensionsWorld article from July 2015 Paul Lalwan, Euraplan Ltd Chief Executive, talks about the lost pensions landscape here and in Europe:
Mobile workforce must track pensions now, more than ever

Interesting Telegraph article in May 2015 about an estimated quarter of a million UK pensioners overseas are missing out on benefits as pension scheme trustees can't trace them:
Expats have lost pensions worth £850m

A This is Money article from March 2015 on the growing problem also mentions how our we can help you:
How to track down lost workplace pensions

In today's age of real-time news the pensions industry must engage with the public using social media.

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